Xiaomi New Purifier Pro - Air Cleaner + Purifier Hepa Filter - Humidity Meter & Smart Purifier Pro

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This 2019 model of the Xiaomi New Purifier Pro is one of the best available on the market. It is a best seller in large polluted cities like Shanghai & Beijing China where it has proven to clean and purify the air within a room in minutes.
This system is proven to tackle any dirty air and pollution being reviewed as the “best on the market” and an “absolute game changer” in the air cleaner industry, it's more powerful than other systems in its range and 100% noise free.
The filters remove PM 10 and PM2.5 pollutions completely from the air using a 360  - 3 layer filter technology to neutralise pollution and dust. This triple-layer design removes particles larger than 0.3 microns with a high-density EPA filter, while an activated carbon filter removes formaldehyde, bad odours and other harmful substances from air.  
We here at H80 Limited / Berkey Waterfilters UK/EU are proud to be one of the first sellers in Europe to offer this amazing Air purifier. We have personally tested this product for over 12 months and feel confident to offer this to our customers.  


The Xiaomi New 2019 Purifier Pro works silently, its modern slim design, makes it suitable for most modern spaces, ideal for the bedroom, living areas and offices alike.
Option to control via a smart phone app or via an automatic manual setting, it is designed to be left on 24/7 for ease of use.
Weighing just 9kg the system is easily portable. 
An easy to read LED display on the front shows the temperature, humidity, air quality and mode.
The LED screen indicates when the filters require changing, depending on usage and air pollutants this will vary between 12-24 months.
Replacement filters are available for £45.


This brand new 2019 Pro model is perfect for a big bedroom or 1-2 bedroom apartment, for larger properties multiple units would be advised.
It comes with a full (2 year) warranty and free shipping within the UK & Europe.


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How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
In real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute. 

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